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It has never been cheaper and easier to get a high-quality badge to show off your brand than with our Associate Class ! This inexpensive badge is constructed of lightweight, durable 1/16” plastic, enhanced with rounded corners, and is is a great way to market your services.

Easy to personalize, with no minimum order quantity, Associate Class badges are perfect for larger, company-wide orders.

Great for maintaining a professional appearance  for volunteers and temporary hires without breaking the bank!

This is our lightest weight badge: 0.2 oz  (without fastener)

Dimensions: 3” wide x 1.2” high

Start With a Template

  • Full Color Imprint on a Range of Badge Colors Thumbnail
  • Smooth Silver | Black Border Thumbnail
  • Euro Gold | Black Border Thumbnail
  • Pure White | Blue Border 5 Thumbnail
  • Bordeaux Red Marble | Euro Gold  Thumbnail
  • Pure White | Blue Border Thumbnail
  • Smooth Silver | Blue Border Thumbnail
  • Euro Gold | Blue Border Thumbnail
  • Bordeaux Red Marble | Smooth Silver Thumbnail
  • Pure White | Red Border Thumbnail
  • Smooth Silver | Red Border Thumbnail
  • Euro Gold | Red Border Thumbnail
  • Black | Euro Gold Thumbnail
  • Reflex Blue | Smooth Silver Thumbnail
  • Reflex Blue | Euro Gold Thumbnail
  • Red | Smooth Silver Thumbnail
  • Red | Euro Gold Thumbnail
  • Celestial Blue | Smooth Silver Thumbnail
  • Celestial Blue | Euro Gold  Thumbnail
  • Black | Smooth Silver Thumbnail

Start From Scratch

  • Associate Class Name Badge Thumbnail
    Decorate from
  • Shield Badge Thumbnail
    Decorate from
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