10-30% off apparel, plus name badges 15% off!

With our Associate Class, it has never been easier to identify yourself as a professional. These low cost name badges are easy to personalize and there is no minimum order quantity. Constructed of durable lightweight 1/16” thick plastic and enhanced with rounded corners, this badge is an inexpensive way to market yourself.
These badges are perfect for larger, company wide orders or for volunteers and temporary hires. Maintain a level of professionalism without breaking the bank.
Our state of the art digital printing process allows for crisp and clean graphics, which translates into vibrant, full color logos with the finest detail. Your information will be printed in black or white with a gold, silver, or white frame. If a color backdrop is chosen, your information will match the frame color.
This badge weighs 0.2 oz without a fastener (our lightest weight badge)- Dimensions: 3” wide x 1.2” high

Associated Blank Product